Where I used to hang out out on Usenet

Like many computeroids, I used to spend part of my life reading netnews, some of it actually being relevant to my job. (If one could deal with the frequently-poor signal-to-noise ratio, and apply appropriate filters (i.e. learning which people really know what they're talking about), it was actually possible to get a lot of useful information from all sorts of helpful people.) Some of it was just for fun and relaxation. Here's where I used to spend a lot of my time. (A quick visit to Google might give you a good overview of my Usenet life. Unfortunately, Google groups seems to be less useful than Usenet; often spam-infested, unless they've improved their filtering since the last time I checked. (I don't really understand why they can do such a good job identifying spam for gmail, but somehow not for Google groups.) And, in case anyone wonders, I'm not the “Mark Bartelt” who used to post to vegas.singles back in the day; that's some other guy with the same name.)

Technical groups

  • comp.sys.sgi.*
  • comp.sys.hp.hpux
  • comp.os.linux.*, mlist.linux.*
  • comp.sys.sun.admin, comp.unix.solaris
  • comp.sys.super
  • comp.parallel[.*]
  • comp.security.{announce,unix}
  • comp.risks
  • [plus occasional forays into other comp.* areas]

    “Fun” groups (usually as a lurker, but occasionally as a participant)

  • humanities.music.composers.wagner
  • mlist.opera-l
  • rec.music.opera
  • rec.music.classical
  • misc.transport.urban-transit
  • misc.transport.rail.americas