Mark Bartelt

No, that's NOT me. But back when I set up my very first web page, I used it as a temporary placeholder, and finally decided that I might as well just keep it.

My CACR life ...

CACR had a rather astounding inventory of computing goodies, and as the lead system administrator, I was one of the folks who tried to keep things running smoothly. I was also the Caltech site lead for the TeraGrid project for its first three years. (Now that I'm a "site lead emeritus", I'm finally able to be a full-time sysadmin again, something I've been looking forward to for quite a while now.) Some supplemental information about TeraGrid can be found here. A very brief bio can be found here. And a few “musings, rants, and other thoughts” can be found here.

And when I'm not CACRing ...

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